t is the policy of the University of Alaska that UA students, faculty, and staff will abide by federal copyright law and will refrain from using copyright-protected materials in university-related activities unless prior appropriate permission or licensing has been obtained or unless such use is deemed permissible under the relevant exemptions outlined in the fair use provisions of the Copyright Act or the TEACH (Technology, Education, and Copyright Harmonization) Act.

Because the legal use of copyright-protected materials for instructional purposes now involves institutional responsibility and oversight, the University of Alaska also commits to the following:

  • to educate UA students, staff, and faculty on current copyright law, focusing on the guidelines and responsibilities of Fair Use and the TEACH Act
  • to adopt and support instructional technologies that give faculty members the logistical means to comply with the specific material requirements of the TEACH Act
  • to refrain from condoning or participating in the unlawful digitization, storage, copying, or dissemination of copyright-protected materials
  • to coordinate and mobilize UA libraries, IT departments, distance education offices, and faculty instructors in the task of implementing the institutional practices and policies called for by the TEACH Act

The remainder of this site provides an overview of copyright law as it applies to the use of copyright-protected materials in an instructional setting.