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Chaucer Pedagogy Quick Start

Chaucer the Writer who was chaucer & what did he do?
Chaucer Timeline & Chronology when did he live?
 Medieval London & Medieval England 1 & 2 where did he live?
Chaucer's Reputation why is he important?
Chaucer's Contemporaries who else was famous in the 14th century?
Late Medieval England  what was going on in Chaucer's England?
The "Calamitous" 14th Century why was chaucer's time so important?
Primary Sources & E-Texts what literary works did chaucer write?
need to find out what scholars think? Online Chaucer Bibliographies
want to investigate chaucer on the www? Electronic Canterbury Tales
need to avoid plagiarism? Responsible Research & Documentation Rules
need to separate the wheat from the chaff? Assessing Internet Sources and WWW Sites
need help citing online information? Documenting Electronic Sources
The Harvard Chaucer Page and Site Index (Larry D. Benson, Harvard University) the best single source of online information on chaucer's life and work?
looking for online resources specifically for the
Canterbury Tales?
The Electronic Canterbury Tales

Chaucer Pedagogy Site Map

Chaucer Pedagogy Page quick start, site map, & online networking
Approaching Chaucer need a review before class?
Assignment Ideas need some good ideas to get started?
K - 12 Assignments how about at least 15 fun and creative ideas?
Chaucer Teaching Notes browse online college lecture notes?
The Electronic Canterbury Tales need online info related to the canterbury tales?
Understanding and Preventing Plagiarism worried about the Web & good research?
Chaucer Pedagogy Documentation Primer need to assess and document sources correctly?

Online Networking for Chaucer Teachers & Students

want a chaucer expert to answer a question?
want to talk with other students or teachers?
Chaucer MetaMentors
Join Chaucernet 

Beyond the Chaucer Metapage what's the next step?
Find out how you can contribute to this webpage!

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